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Nice Crank Inc. 錡明工業股份有限公司

Electric motor & Crankshafts

Today is 21,Oct,2020
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About Us
Nice Rich Inc. was established in 1993 with the purpose to pursue research and development, to create and to be industrious in a stable company. Our T.P.S. (Toyota Production System) management team provides us with outstanding quality and development technology as we specialize in manufacturing one cylinder to six cylinder crank-shafts for 2-cycle and 4 cycle engines. Our products are of the best quality as a competitive price and we deliver on time. The production of the best one cylinder and six cylinder crank-shafts in the world is our goal. We supply our products to domestic and foreign vehicle assembly plants, and we also offer high revolving speed and torque crank-shafts to the race car and maintenance market. Our Products in sold in over thirty countries through out the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. We graciously ask you to choose Nice Rich as your long-term cooperating supplier. [Details]
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